PhD Candidate

Computational Biology and Net. Evol. lab

Stony Brook University

 About अवी श्रीवास्तव

I am currently a Ph.D candidate in Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University studying Computational Genomics under Professor Rob Patro. My current research interest include Computational Biology, Statistical Machine Learning, Parallel Computation and Computer Vision.

Outside academics I can be found hiking, kayaking, working out in gym, also an amateur sailor and bass player.



Alevin: Crazy-fast scRNA-seq barcode, umi correction and quantification with uncertainty.

Shoal: Improved multi-sample transcript abundance estimates using adaptive priors.

RapClust: Accurate, Fast and Lightweight Clustering of de novo Transcriptomes using Fragment Equivalence Classes.

RapMap: A Rapid, Sensitive and Accurate Tool for Mapping RNA-seq Reads to Transcriptomes.